Aurora Escalades Cubao (new project)

Aurora Escalades Cubao 
Your Home-Vestment by Robinsons Land

Aurora Escalades Building Perspective
Project Brief

Aurora Escalades is the first Robinsons Land project that allows short-or long-term leasing in all residential units.  All future owners can monetize the property on AirBnb,, Agoda, etc.

Aurora Escalades Drop Off Area
Location Map

Aurora Escalades is the eight tower development that is located along Aurora Boulevard in Cubao, Quezon City

Aurora Escalades Location Map

At Aurora Escalades, you can discover a pleasant set of complementing indoor and outdoor facilities providing opportunities to relax or engage in personal or business endeavors.

Aurora Escalades Fitness Center
Aurora Escalades

Aurora Escalades

Aurora Escalades Sundeck Pool

Aurora Escalades Wellness Center

Unit Offering

All units are insightfully-designed and come with standard finish, making it adaptable to distinct living requirements.

Studio Unit Area Range: 22.00 sqm to 30.00sqm

Aurora Escalades Studio Unit Artist's Perspective
Own your home-vestment at Aurora Escalades Cubao with launching promo discounts for spot cash and downpayment buyers.

All studio units are open for short-term and long-term leasing such as AirBnb,, Trivago, Agoda, etc.

For professional services and project inquiries at Aurora Escalades, please contact:
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